Bargain Music- Epilogue

Bargain Music’s final album Epilogue is what the fans come to expect from the Josh Fischel fronted collective. The songs deal with heartbreak in a humorous way, Drunk Dial, Last Time That I Drugged U, Jenny and Joanna are all about Josh’s feelings for women who have either dumped him or treated him badly (how much heartbreak can one man take?). As Bargain Music have evolved, or should I say Josh Fischel’s songwriting and musical influences, the music has mellowed considerably. Whilst earlier albums ranged from funk to punk with a distinct hip hop/reggae influence, Epilogue follows American Born by displaying a striped down almost acoustic approach to the music. This showcases Josh Fiscal troubadour vocals to superb effect. The lyrics, once again, are humorous and sad at the same time. The death tinged Family Tree tells a story under four minutes that could conceivably be a whole book. Santa Ana is perhaps the best example of Fischel’s songwriting, “A sordid tale is this, about where she likes to piss and at Jeff’s house she revealed it. While he poured herself a drink Anna pissed in the bathroom sink. Even though an air of romance wafted inside. The old sink didn’t hold and the girl got knocked out cold. Gotta go now the ambulance has arrived. Oh Adrianna, oh no Santa Ana”. This is Bargain Music’s last album and the band do not quite go out with a bang but a resounding album nonetheless.

1. On and On
2. Country
3.Drunk Dial
4. Not Coming Home To U
5. Last Time I Drugged U
6. Santa Ana
7. Jenny
8. Do U
9. Joanna
10. Family Tree
11. Slow Eye
12. Kid Gone Bad
13. Epilogue


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