UK Reggae, Punk Scene!

What scene? I hear you cry. Well I would agree to a certain extent. During the 1970s and 1980s the UK was a hotbed of reggae and punk music ranging from The Specials to The Clash. Alas those days are behind us and the mainstream music industry and the radio outlets have forgotten that there is a genre outside of Indie and pop. BUT I do believe that this about to change, there is a underground scene developing in the surf towns of the South West, that mirrors the So-Cali music scene albeit on a smaller scale. Captain Bud are leading the charge, attracting attention not only at home but also in the US where they will be supporting the superb 3rd Alley.

Whilst the London scene is lagging behind somewhat there is hope in the shape of the Mike Davies championed King Blues, who are on the verge of cracking the mainstream with the release of their second album Save the World, Get the Girl. It will be interesting to see if this album follows the theme of their debut Under the Fog and combine reggae fused punk with a sharp anti capitalist political message. I guess we have to just wait and see.

It should be an interesting few months with the scene evolving so keeping checking back here for updates, more interviews, album and gig reviews.

Also if you know of any bands/artists that you think are worth checking out, let me know!



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