Joe Driscoll Interview

Joe Driscoll, native of New York, living in London, multi-genre fusing artist sat down with the Waiting Room recently to talk about life, his influences and music in general. His music has taken from the US, to London, to Africa…………….Here’s what he had to say.

Joe thanks for taking the time to talk to us. First of all I am interested to find out how you came to live in London and what attracted to you the UK?

Came to London for a European tour, and fell in love with it. I suppose what most drew me to London was the nightlife and its wealth of culture. The British humor is a big draw for me as well.

Was it a difficult decision to leave the US? It is an unusual step for an American artist to try and make it in the UK before cracking the US.

I never really decided to leave in a sense. Thought I would stay on for a few more months, then see what happened. I ended up never leaving! It isn’t so unusual for an American to try the U.K. first. Dylan, Hendrix, and Paul Simon all had more response from the U.K. before they had success in the states.

Thtat is an excellent point, certain artists do find acceptence in the UK before success in the US. I see from your MySpace/website that you have played some shows in Africa. How did they come about?

A promoter from Liverpool organizes festivals in Africa. He had heard of my work and thought it would be a good fit for the African/ English cross culture experience. Touring Africa was the most amazing experience of my life.

Your music and subsequent live shows earned you a reputation as an innovator. How did you develop this style of music and who were your influences?

My music is a hybrid of all the different varied influences I had growing up. My influences are extremely diverse, which I believe has brought about such an innovative sound. Some of my biggest influences include Bob Marley, Dylan, Wu-Tang, De La Soul, Beatles and Beatie Boys to name a few.

Lyrically you also seem very diverse. On the track “Nomad” you talk of “wandering miles from your home” Do you see yourself as Nomad?

Absolutely. Traveling is pretty much a lifestyle for me. My life is destinations!

You latest album, Origin Myths, is available through ITunes. Where else can we get
hold of a copy?

You can find my work on JoeDriscoll.Net, or find works on

Finally, what are your hopes and plans for the future?

Working on my new album which is going to be released this spring! Beyond that, its just keep touring and keep inspiring!!

Once again Joe thanks for taking the time to talk to us.




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