The King Blues- Carling Islington Academy 22/10/08

The King Blues have made it! The gig was a mixture of old and new songs, the band arrived on stage to a chant of King Blues and it really set the tone for what was a great performance. Starting out with the opener from their debut album before launching into Blood on my hands, the band showcased why they are one of Mike Davies’ (Radio 1 Punk Show) favourite bands at the moment. The new album was released on Monday and the general feeling amongst the crowd was that they were moving away the folk, reggae tinged sound of their debut. On the new album Save the world, get the girl, there is a distinct sound developing that will perhaps make them the darlings of N.M.E…………. The standout tracks from this new release are Lets hang the landlord, a track that evokes the band’s past on the squat scene in London and My boulder, a superb singalong that inspires solidarity amongst people. The show, which was very much on the short side, ended with the now customary Taking over which involves the crowd trying to out sing each other before they unite for one mass singalong. For me, the highlight was a superb piece of anarchist poetry from front-man Itch (What if punk never happened), this truly inspiring rant railed against everything capitalist to all the end circle of wars before screaming out the need to live life to the fullest rather than work in a job that kills you 9-5! Watch out world The King Blues are coming.


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