Kiwi The Child- Unlimited Edition

Roots reggae from Jersey City? Well Jersey is not exactly a hotbed of reggae. What has emerged though is Kiwi The Child, a duo consisting of Vera and Alex. Their album is 25 tracks of pure roots reggae, Alex plays the guitar and sings whilst Vera provides vocals/harmonica. The simplicity of the album is its most charming feature. Quite how they came to being playing reggae is an interesting story, judging by their myspace page they have travelled the length and breadth of the Americas and seem to have picked a few pointers along the way. They have infuse reggae, roots, soul, Latin, and jazz into one CD, they speak of the environment, politics, travel and living life. I implore you all to check out Kiwi The Child.


One Response to “Kiwi The Child- Unlimited Edition”

  1. Yo…im diggin the page…keep up the good work!

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