NZ Reggae, Dub Scene

As some of you may have been aware I have recently been in NZ for a spot of travelling, once there I discovered that NZ has a burgeoning music scene. Two bands that stood out were Katchafire and Fat Freddys Drop.

Katchafire are a self described reggae, surf, dub band, from Hamilton on the North Island. They were recommended to me by a girl who worked in the local record shop in Wanaka, she said that without fail the best album to start out on is Revival. This album opens with the track Reggae Revival and it sets the tone for the rest of the album, an acoustic and mellow mix of horns, keys and a sweet bass resounds throughout. Stand out tracks include Colour Me Life, an ode to all the fine hunnys around the world, Collie Herb Man a track that is about enjoying the herb, grooving to some tunes and hanging with your mates. Katchafire are apparently a band that shine even brighter live, I hope to see them over the winter when I head back to Wanaka to shred the gnar.

Moving onto Fat Freddys Drop, a band straight out of Wellington. Their style of music is certainly different than that of Katchafire, they are straight up reggae dub. Once again I relied on the recommendation of the chick in the record store in Wanaka, I sat down in the store, put on the headphones and just chilled, letting the bassline vibrate through me. Instrumental in places but displaying superb musicianship throughout, Fat Freddys Drop are a credit to the NZ music scene.


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