Slightly Stoopid- London Scala- 05/10/2009


Slightly Stoopid are anything but stupid, an oxymoron of sorts. The front-men of Stoopid, Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald, are joined by Ryan Moran on drums, Oguer Ocon percussion, De La on saxophone and C-Money on the trumpet.

Originally signed by the legendary Bradley Nowell of Sublime fame, Miles and Kyle were still in High School when they first got their big break.Fast forward ten plus years and Stoopid find themselves taking the stage for their third UK tour.

Opening for Stoopid were Morning Lane and while they put on a good set, especially lead singer Stephen Aravena, they were clearly a favour for someone at Monto Water Rats because the style of music did not remotely compare to Stoopid’s reggae/punk offerings.

Stoopid have been creating that sweet and irie sound for over ten years, increasing the stage presence of the horn section is a breath of fresh air to their shows. C-Money is the master of the horns and is ably assisted by De La (for once not wearing an Arsenal shirt).

Perhaps even more refreshing was the elevation of Kyle to sharing vocals with Miles, the two previous shows I have seen Stoopid Kyle was very much in the background but last night he came to the forefront of Stoopid’s music while still able to work the bass like no other.

Stoopid have a stigma in the US for being a band that appeal’s to the ‘stoner’ crowd and they certainly play up this fact, headlining a summer tour with Snoop Dog only enhances this image.

Kyle did not miss a trick on Monday when pulling out a fat joint that got quickly passed round the stage with all members embracing it. Mixing old and new Stoopid did more than enough to satisfy the punk and reggae fans in the crowd.


One Response to “Slightly Stoopid- London Scala- 05/10/2009”

  1. Living in the UK, never seen or heard much of Slightly Stoopid. After going to this gig at the London Scala, I have become an instant fan. The technical ability of both Miles & Kyle were superb and really recommend them to any new to the reggae scene. Great show!

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