Outlaw Nation Interview

Outlaw Nation are a trio hailing from the state of Louisiana and comprise Christian Simeon, Danny Woolen, JB Baker and Jackson White and have been in action for nearly 10 years.

With beats that are strong enough to get the most wooden footed person dancing Outlaw Nation combine reggae to hip hop, old school R&B to heavy metal, it is clear Outlaw Nation has a little something for everyone.

Christian sat down in the Waiting Room for a quick chat.

For fans of reggae-hip hop in England who may be unaware of Outlaw Nation, can you tell us about how the group came together?

The band came together through a mutual love for REGGAE music. We were all in different bands and just knew each other through the scene. The typical way alot of abnds hook up!

You have a new album out called New Day, what can you tell us about it?
And how can we get it?

Well the CD is a mixture of influences of mine genre wise. I am all about crossing over musical lines and doing honest heartfelt music. So for me to do a Reggae song and come back with a New Orleans style Funk jam into some SKA woudl not be out of the ordinary for me. YOu can get it at most of the digital outlets for sure, ya know your ITUNES, CD BABY, AMAZON type internet music store stores.

You are signed to Stoopid Records and also have collaborated with Miles Doughty from Slightly Stoopid on your new album, how did this hook up come about?

It was Miles and Kyle of SLIGHTLY STOOPID who signed us to STOOPID RECORDS. I guess with them digging what we do as a band that progressed naturally into him doing a guest appearance on the record which is amazing by the way!! Miles has so much talent it is crazy!!

Do you have any plans to break out of the US and come to Europe for a tour?
Slightly Stoopid were over here in October, do you see Stoopid as where you would like Outlaw Nation to go?

Yes we are planning a European tour in the summer of 2010 or maybe a little later. We want to make sure the WORLD gets to hear our music!! OUTLAW NATION will definitely follow in the footsteps of SLIGHLTY STOOPID and hopefully go even farther if the music fans dig what we do and allow us into their music catalogs in the near future.

Along with working with Miles, you hooked up with Dave Wakeling from the English Beat, how and why did you decide to collaborate with Dave?

Dave Wakeling is a hero of mine. I don’t think I would be playing music if it was not for his band’s (ENGLISH BEAT) immediate influence on my life as a kid not as a musician but a normal KID!! Their music was apart of my daily life soundtrack. I was a huge fan of a lot of music coming out of England at the time. I like to call myself a JOHN HUGHES kid. I grew up in that era.  Dave talent knows no bounds and I wanted that to be apart of my record for history sake!

Your myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/outlawnation) states you sound like “the ghettos of London, England & Kingston and New Orleans jammin’ 2 gether.” How much of an influence has English music been on your sound?
Which artists in particular would you say have influenced you the most?

Oh wow London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham ENGLAND!! Bro I think the U.K. was like the Camelot of music for me growing up as a kid. Bands like : Oh wow! The Cure, The Smiths, New Order, Joy Division bro you name it!! All the way to the shoegazer seen with My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins all were huge on my wanting to learn the guitar and move into playing in bands.  I would not be here if it were not for the English music scene. So a natural progression to reggae bands like Aswad and Steel Pulse was awesome for me!!!

I remember you guys rolling through Keystone, Colorado back in 06 and playing a nice little pub called The Goat. How is it playing these sort of venues when you are never quite sure how many people will show?

It is always fun especially when you are meeting new people and finding new fans for your music. That is what it is all about in the end anyway right. We want people to get where we are coming from with our music and help us spread it around the world. One venue at a time.

With the recent news that Sublime have played together at Smokeout and intend to release a new album with Rome. What was your opinion on the whole furore and the bitter feelings that have been said towards Silverback Music?

Jon Phillips is one of the coolest, guys on this planet. He is the kindest dude I have ever met and he helped us make the connections to get where we are with the STOOPID Family! For people to try and lay some blame on him for anything going on with the SUBLIME situation right now is not cool at all. I think he has the legacy of the band at heart and wants to be a part of what would be best for the band and that legacy that they established. I support him totally with whatever stance he takes on the situation because I know him as a truly good person, a genuinely honest guy and a man of his word ALWAYS!!!

What are your future plans? You are touring your new album in the US, when can we expect you to come over to England?

I want to say we will be there in the Fall of 2010. We are going to do Europe and the U.K. all at the same time in one big tour!!

Final question bit of a fun one. What is your current top five CD’s in the van or top five most played on the ipod?

For me I would have to say –  Beat Union – Beat Union – Disconnected

Big D And the Kids – Fluent In Stroll

Gym Class Heroes – The Quilt

Jay Z – Blueprint 3

Bad Brains – Live the SST Version


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