Eric from Rebelution Interview

Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, the Rebelution boys play reggae with a pop flavour and with rumours of a UK tour coming up these are exciting times for the band.

New album Bright Side of Life released to much acclaim in the US and certainly proves Rebelution as one of the up and coming bands in the reggae-rock scene.

Interview originally published in September 08 after their debut album was voted iTunes Editors Choice for best Reggae Album of 2007

Who were your musical influences when you were younger, who inspired you to form Rebelution?

I’ve always been interested in all forms of music since childhood. At an early age my parents surrounded me with world music. I learned how to play piano, then guitar, and then I started to write songs in high school and college. I’m definitely influenced by reggae music as a whole, but more specifically, Don Carlos, one of the original members of Black Uhuru. He got me into Reggae in the first place.

What can you tell us about your current album, are you pleased with how it has been received?

Yes we’re very thankful for everything. We had no idea we would win the iTunes Editors Choice for best Reggae Album of 2007. We think it’s a good starting demonstration of what Rebelution is all about. We’re also really looking forward to our next album now that we’ve been writing all these new songs.

How do you find inspiration for your songs?

We find inspiration through everything. Travelling, relaxing, waiting, stress even.

Sublime are a huge influence on many Cali bands,how do you think Sublime influenced the Cali music scene?

What Sublime did was they took a lot of common reggae basslines that came out of Jamaica and they added their Cali style to it. Its safe to say that they got A LOT of people into Reggae music.

I couldn’t agree more, they certainly got me into reggae and led me to many other superb bands from the West Coast so what’s your fave Sublime song/album?

Although the self-titled album often is recognized as the most popular, I have to say it truly is an amazing display of song writing and I would have to agree it is my personal favorite. I like every song on the album but Jailhouse is my fav.

What can we expect from Rebelution in the future?

You can expect a lot of genre bending songs. At least that’s what we’re going for. People often think about music as infinite. In other words there are so many possibilities to make a song that it demonstrates music as endless. The key thing for me lately is by thinking the exact opposite. I imagine that everything has been done before except one thing, one song. I try my hardest to indulge myself in that one song and when it’s done, I go to the next one. Although music to me IS endless, I go by this philosophy so that I work hard.

Which is the best way for fans to get hold of your music?

The best way for people to get a hold of our music is iTunes. You can also purchase our CD at

If you don’t have a computer you can purchase our CD at one of our live shows!


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  1. Good interview

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