Tim Barry- 28th & Stonewall

Tim Barry ex-lead singer of punk rockers Avail can still rage but delivers an album of sincere and heartfelt songs.

Tim Barry a man so punk he sleeps in a shed with no running water or electricity, so punk he studied economics, so punk he thinks nothing of heading out in 30 degree weather, sleeping under the stars.

But, the one time front-man for Virginia punks Avail, Barry is mellowing with age and his third studio release is his most poignant work to date.

Some of the best folk-singers are men who like their own company, men who live their life on the road, hard-drinking, nomads for a modern age and Barry does give the feeling he is happiest when he is reliant on no-one but himself.

The drifter theme plays itself out on this album with tracks such as With Ease I Leave,” “Thing of the Past,” and “Bozeman”.

On “Thing of the Past” Barry states in no uncertain terms how life should not be lived, where memories are just that and the future is what you make it.

“Tonight I’m getting drunk and simply living.”

Displaying a sense of history and asking “does anyone know Gabriel Prosser?” Barry spends nearly five-minutes singing about a failed 1800 slave uprising in his native Virginia is one of 28th & Stonewall’s strongest moments.

When Barry sings: “You are a coward if you own men for profit and greed.” You get the impression he is singing about not just the slave economy of 19th Century Virginia but also modern day America and the rest of the Western world..

Much like, another folk singer/rocker, Seasick Steve, Barry captures his audience with his tales of woe, drinking, women and county jails.

However, Barry’s punk attitude still shines through and his fuck you I’m living my life attitude is infectious.

Barry’s life is so much more than music and the man himself sums it up nicely when he said: “If you don’t have a big life outside of music, you’re probably not going to write good songs.”

For fans of Chad Price, Chuck Ragan, Shawn Mullins.

You can purchase Tim Barry’s new album here


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