Five Artists to Watch Out For in 2010

Tim Barry

Ex lead singer of cult punks Avail, Tim Barry has just released his third solo album, 28th & Stonewall, and it is his best work to date.

Comprising punk attitude with strong, heartfelt lyrics, Barry is taking the folk singer genre in an exciting direction.

Currently touring the US and Canada (with a broken hand) the UK waits patiently to see whether Barry will tour 28th & Stonewall here.

Sublime w/Rome

After all the hoopla over their performance at Smoke Out last summer under the Sublime name died out Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson have finally decided to call themselves Sublime w/Rome.

They intend to tour the US and there are strong rumours of a European tour and equally strong rumours of new material.

For full details on the ongoing saga that is Sublime w/Rome click here!

The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem are often likened to that other New Jersey institution (no I don’t mean Bon Jovi) but Bruce Springsteen and it is clear why.

The working man down on his luck theme transcends the music.

A sold out show at London’s HMV Forum scheduled for July had to be moved to the bigger Brixton Academy and this is proof of the UKĀ appetite for them.

Again with only rumours to go on as far as a new album is concerned 2010 should be a very exciting year NJ’s punks.

Three Legged Fox

Philly’s Three Legged Fox are a band who on past experience like to take their time when it comes to releasing new albums.

There was a three year gap between Ideas (2006) and Not as Far (2009) and while there is not definite news on a new album just yet the band are still releasing live tracks every month via this cool site!

Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad

Taking the unusual step of releasing a live album so early on in their career the uniquely named Giant Panda Guerrilla Dud Squad (GPGDS) are set to take their place among the jam bands who thrive in a live arena.

Live Up! 2.0 is available now!

Check back soon for an interview and album review soon!


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